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Pop and fun, Jérôme Jasinski’s work aims to create the surprise. By their optical effects, his sculptures paintings with vibrant colors and cleansed, plunge us into the heart of a disconcerting three dimensions.

Reconstructed as a full time artist by the grace of the public who discovered and worn him with enthusiasm ( a privilege in the art world). This photographer / cabinetmaker seems to create with ease of monomaniac all absorbed in their work.

Here, we can immediately dismisses the fuss : no intellectual discourses nor tortured commitment, exit exacerbated navel gazing, but a geometry inventive’s universe and tinted with the colors of childhood. His, bathed in the seventies spirit of an artist’s family, where orange, bright yellow , apple green or bright red come in amazing and complex perspectives. By the magnitude of aesthetic joy aroused by his works and justifies by itself the revelance, this third solo show has for us few beautiful and invigorating few surprises ! Nathalie Kuborn – Eventail October 2014. He spent his childhood in a colorful seventies hosue with his old brother and his mother, the painter and fashion designer, Annette Vercamer.

She collects wisely Evelyne Axell’s paintings (The Queen of Belgian Pop Art) and a Victor Vasarely’s art work that will be one of its striking revelations and inspirations. With his mother, he discovers the art world, museums, and exhibitions. But it is only with his mother that he bathes in the arts.

His father, Marc Jasinski is an underwater archeologist and photographer, his grandfather, Stephan Jasinski is an interior designer, sculptor and draftsman. And his great uncle, Stanislas Jasinski is an architect, a painter and draftsman.

At 15 years old, Jérôme Jasinski is passionate by photography. Then his grandfather communicate his taste for contemporary furniture with clean lines, modern painting and architecture. Thus Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Henry Van de Velde, Franck Llyod Wright and the Bauhaus had no secret for him. He also transmitted to him his love for sculpture that Stephan Jasinski practiced with talent.

At 20 years old, it is his first real contact with wood, and five years later, he began his woodworking’s studies at Institut Diderot in Sablon.(Brussels) For 15 years, he will create contemporary furniture for achitects and his clients.

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